Philosophical Deportment still, 2013, Ruth Proctor

Philosophical Deportment still, 2013, Ruth Proctor

In Falling Backwards, Ruth Proctor responds to the celebrated modernist architecture of the University of East Anglia, in particular Denys Lasdun’s Grade II listed “ziggurats” and Norman Foster’s landmark building the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.  Curated by the current cohort of Museum Studies postgraduate students, the exhibition is rooted firmly in the university and its campus life.

In documenting a series of performances, Ruth Proctor’s work challenges relationships between the temporary and the permanent, and between the past, present and future.  Using the academic environment of the university campus as her stage, Proctor’s performance of methodical, repetitive and solitary acts is captured on screen.  The process of filming and photographing the work as it takes place transforms momentary occurrences into permanent records of time and space.

The work invites you to engage with the space of the campus – decipher the route taken by Proctor on her GPS tracked walk, view the chalk circles from an aerial walkway, look anew at the modernist architecture.

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